A Collection of Spectacularly Executed Kimarite.

gettyimages-84401909-612x612 - asashoryu Baruto

Hakuho yaguranage Okinoumi:

Hakuho possesses the total package in size, balance, agility, and speed, but add on his incredible technical prowess to his physical attributes, and he becomes a literal yokozuna cheat code. This yaguranage (inner thigh throw) he pulled off against Okinoumi at the edge here, could perhaps be his most impressive technical feat. Check out the replays to get the full effect.

Asashoryu yaguranage Harumafuji:

Asashoryu pulls off an earlier, though slightly less impressive yaguranage, against a much lighter Harumafuji.

Ura koshinage Dewahayate:

Ura, “The Pink Panther,” executes an incredible last-ditch koshinage (hip throw) against Dewahayate.

Wakanohana III uwatenage Asahifuji:

The uwatenage (overarm throw) is one of the more common throws, but this one by Wakanohana III against Asahifuji, is as dramatic looking as it gets.

Mainoumi sakatottari Wakashoyo:

Mainoumi counters Wakashoyu’s arm-throw attempt by reversing the momentum, winning with an amazing sakatottari (arm bar throw counter).

Mainoumi mitokorozemi Akebono:

Mainoumi back at it again, this time with a mitokorozeme (triple attack force out) against Akebono. This extremely rare technique involves grabbing an opponent’s inner leg, tripping their outer leg, and pushing forward with the shoulders and neck.

Takekaze ipponzeoi Kaisei:

Takekaze pulls off the rare and elegant, ipponzeoi (one-armed shoulder throw), against Kaisei.

Sagatsukaza ipponzeoi Tochinowaka:

The much shorter Sagatsukaza executes another example of an ipponzeioi against Tochinowaka.

Harumafuji okuritsuriotoshi Goeido:

Harumafuji with an angry-looking okuritsuriotoshi (backwards throw) against Goeido.

Takanonami kawazugake Takanohana:

Takanonami defeats stablemate Takanohana with a majestic looking kawazugake (hooking backward counter throw).

Tochinoshin kotenage Endo:

A beautiful looking kotenage armlock throw (aided by a leg trip), from Tochinoshin in this bout against Endo.

Harumafuji kubinage Myogiryu:

Goeido is the past and present “Kubinage King,” but keeping with the title of this post, this particular neck throw by Harumafuji against Myogiryu, is the most spectacular looking.

Baruto harimanage Aran:

Powerful Baruto digs into his pro-wrestling arsenal to pull off this impressive harimanage (backward belt throw) to former Russian sumotori Aran.

Wakanohana II harimanage Wushuyama:

Wakanohana II back with another Harimanage against Wushuyama:

Terao sotokomata Hamanoshima:

Lightweight oshi-specialist Terao, shows off some of his grappling ability with this sotokomata (one leg carry) against Hamanoshima.

Asashoryu shitatenage Baruto:

Asashoryu, “The Beast,” not only matches the formidable strength of Baruto in this bout, but shows off his own immense power with a mighty looking shitatenage (underarm throw).

Kyokutaisei susoharai Kizenryu:

Everyone’s favorite documentary star, Kyokutaisei, uses his judo background to execute a beautiful susoharai (rear foot sweep) against Kizenryu.

Takatoriki nichonage Kototsubaki and Kirishima:

Takatoriki also had a judo background though he seldom used it, instead preferring oshi thrusts and face slaps. Here’s two stunningly beautiful examples of a nichonage (body drop throw) that he pulled off against Kototsubaki and Kirishima.

Chiyonokuni nichonage Tanzo:

The nichonage is just way too aesthetically beautiful to only give two examples. So here’s a third one by Chiyonokuni against Tanzo.

Wakanosato tsuridashi Shimotori:

Sumo has had its share of great lifters, like Kirishima, Baruto, Tochinoshin, and Takanosato, but it’s the burly Wakanosato who pulls off perhaps the most impressive looking tsuridashi (lift out) of them all, in this match against Shimotori.

Baruto tsuridashi Yoshikaze:

Speaking of Baruto. Yoshikaze was feeling a bit under the weather in this match, and Baruto was nice enough to gently escort him off the premises.

Tochinoshin tsuridashi Chiyonokuni:

…Okay, one last tsuridashi for the road. Tochinoshin with a hybrid lift/throw-out against Chiyonokuni.


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