This is my personal blog about sumo wrestling. It’s something I’ve been an ardent fan of, ever since I first began watching it in 1993, right after Akebono was promoted to yokozuna. I’ve continued to follow the sport, even long after the last Hawaiian-born sekitori retired over a decade ago. The type of articles I’ll write will focus on profiles, technical analyses, differing styles, a few comedic posts here and there, and various historical information–usually on forgotten or lesser known aspects. My aim is for a more general audience, and for people who are just getting into the sport and want to learn more (especially during the painful withdrawal periods immediately following the conclusion of a basho).

My blog title refers to the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole song, “Thunder from Heaven” (“Tengoku Kara Kaminari”) about three Hawaiian born sumo wrestlers, Akebono, Musashimaru, and Konishiki. It’s a reflection of my passion for the sport, and my Hawaiian background as well.

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